What Will You Learn To Get Your Trauma Therapy Certification?

Trauma therapy is an important part of the offerings a therapist can provide for clients. Therapists may undergo trauma therapy certification before they work with clients who have experienced trauma. So, what will you learn in trauma therapy? Here are some of the lessons these certification courses teach. What Trauma Looks Like One of the most important things you will learn in certification courses is what trauma looks like and how it manifests. [Read More]

Own a Business? Why You Should Learn How to Manage Disruptive Change

Part of being a business owner is staying on top of your game. The information you had when you initially started may now be considered outdated due to the tremendous amount of evolution that constantly takes place within the industry. You are committed to keeping your company in a growth cycle and want to do your part to make sure the organization remains both viable and profitable. Here are a couple of reasons why it is so critical for you to learn how to manage disruptive change. [Read More]