What Will You Learn To Get Your Trauma Therapy Certification?

Trauma therapy is an important part of the offerings a therapist can provide for clients. Therapists may undergo trauma therapy certification before they work with clients who have experienced trauma. So, what will you learn in trauma therapy? Here are some of the lessons these certification courses teach.

What Trauma Looks Like

One of the most important things you will learn in certification courses is what trauma looks like and how it manifests. You will understand the symptoms of trauma and the different approaches toward trauma over the years.

You will also learn how to identify trauma. This includes an analysis of different assessment models used by professionals to look for trauma. Therapists will also learn how trauma coincides with other mental health disorders and how to treat trauma alongside other concerns, like depression and personality disorders.

Treatment for Trauma

Several treatment methods are used to address trauma, and each has its pros and cons. You will learn when to use which treatment options. One of the first techniques many therapists learn is self-regulation, which may rely on grounding and relaxation techniques. Trauma therapists also learn about containment, which can be a useful tool for helping clients deal with their feelings while not focusing on them day in and day out.

There are also more in-depth exercises that trauma therapists learn, like bilateral stimulation and therapy techniques like EMDR. Other techniques include narrative exposure therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Processing Trauma & New Information

Processing trauma is difficult, and it is something that some people are still working on it years later. Therapists learn techniques for desensitization and closure. The tools you learn will help your clients gain closure and integrate old and new memories.

Short-Term Trauma

Some sources of trauma are based on events like death. This can be short-term trauma that requires a lighter type of treatment. For example, therapists will help their clients deal with loss and bereavement when they are coping with serious loss. Therapists can provide guidance for coping with losses that do not initially appear to be related to serious trauma.

Take a Trauma Therapy Certification

Whether you take trauma therapy certification online or in person, these are among the topics you will learn. Sign up for a certification class to make sure that you have all the tools you need to assist clients who have experienced traumatic events and rely on your guidance to get through it. Look for a place near you like ITR Training Institute that offers trauma therapy certification for therapists.